Astalatasta's game! (5ac290cd)

Thank you.

If you wish to remain peaceful Russia then your missionaries will not enter my lands. I will declare war to condemn them.

Why do you ignore my warnings Russia? I did not want war but I cannot allow your religion to dominate my lands, you chose this.

I am not spreading my religion to you, the spread is passive from my cities. The missionaries are passing through.
But if you wish for war, we are prepared to fight for our beliefs and our rights to believe in them.

There is nowhere to pass through to! I do not wish for war and have no plans to attack you but I must defend my religion or else you will have free reign to a religious victory. Allowing your missionaries into my lands would be stupid of me. I have no choice but to condemn them.

My apologies. I did not realise we were the only inhabitants of this landmass. I will withdraw immediately and await the invention of a method of spreading the good news beyond these shores.

seems astalatasta has also quit this game now

Wonder why he quit? Was he too far behind?

No he was doing ok, has 9 cities down, decent science and culture… Only 4 techs behind me, idk why he quit now.

@StefanosG This war is no good for either of us. Let there be peace so we can concentrate on growing our empires.

The purpose of the war is to prevent you from being able to send religious units into my territory, with my religion currently being the only other in the game to oppose yours I believe it necessary to continue. I have no plans to enter your territory, my units are operating defensively and to prevent you taking Egypt’s last city.

Your crossbowmen continually shoot down my units in my own territory.
We will stay away from Portuguese lands.

My archers were guarding that position since before you had a city there tbf. :slight_smile: