APE-ONE Civ6: GS PYDT Game (0f3267e4)

Smack talk goes here for APE-ONE Civ6: GS PYDT Game! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/0f3267e4-1965-4450-bafc-b84cce1685a3


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I do have one question. If I wanted to start the game with the Barbs to CityStates option, how would I go about doing that?

Thank you!

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I have included instructions half way down on how to create a game.

You will want a profile which includes the official Barbarian modes mod.

You will need to tick the Barbarian Clans and must have the number of maximum citiystates set so they can convert in to citystates.


Here are my quick instructions for creating a game.

PYDT Website
Create your PYDT game on the website.
Consider declaring the game a friendly game. PYDT Friendly or Club Rules Game
Advertise here and/or on the official PYDT discord.

Once the PYDT website game is started…
Create a blank profile with only DLC and game play mods you want.
Multiplayer / Hot Seat
Modify the settings for map / size / environment / etc.
Confirm settings which takes you to the player list.
Set all players to human and set their civ leader if they they selected one on the website.

Play your first turn, once it says Player 2, save the game and upload the save via the game’s website page (for the initial loading or first turn, this is required), afterwhich you play your turns with the client if you want.

Here is further help on mods.

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I asked this in the discord. But in case you see it here first. The host that created the hotseat is on Windows while I am on Linux. When loading the game it does not see the hotseat save game to load. I have made sure it is saving in the right place and believe it is. Are Windows save files compatible with LInux?

I saw the Discord. You guys are off and running again?