Another snowflake FFA! (7d0b7769)

Smack talk goes here for Another snowflake FFA! ! Game URL:

good luck to all! see you in the middle :smiley:

so we are coming up on a week with no moves or communication from @Tamil_Ronin – anyone in another game with him having a similar experience?

As there is no answer, i suppose that no one is playing with him in another games.


He just got replaced in 4 other games…

I’ve just tried to reach him through steam, will give it a couple days and if unsuccessful we should seek a replacement

He ain’t coming back :slight_smile:

sure doesn’t look like it … anyone know someone who’d be willing to replace?

Hi, I’ll sub in if you still need :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer! Unless you’re Lambo on discord, the spot’s already been spoken for :slight_smile:

welcome @EmJayLambert of the many names :smiley: looking forward to seeing your france in the center!

apologies for the confusion. You can call me Matt. Or Lambo.


Is it normal to talk like that ingame?

@coolmajaka you attack and i knew it but you have a serious mind problem.

It is called smack talk. You like to talk it but you don’t like to receive it.

@coolmajaka - please bring things down a notch, if people are asking you to stop please respect it

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Bring it down? This guy is saying I have mental problems in numerous games. I jabbed back and he is crying. Note: I never called him a single name, but he always calls me names. Screw him :person_shrugging:

“Grab a hammer and pound it up your ass”.

It’s not a real war and i’m not your friend.

I’ve never said anything except that you have childish reactions.

You rage quit just before start (when every one is ready and planning is done) because you are the last one to take the turn…
You rage qui another game because you trash talk Shinjoski and everyone defend this same Shinjoski.

You will say i’ve quit one game (ONE) but i was dead anyway and didn’t want to skip 10 turns before dieing.

Stop saying shit or making problems everywhere you go. Stay in your place with your provocations and all this trashtalking or go play with your friends and you will talk with them how you want.

Here, you are a Viking, you will kick my ass with your boats and that is the game, i had to make better defenses. But you don’t need to “Grab a hammer and pound it up your ass”.

What should I answer? More trashtalking? Come on! This is so stupid.

Go kick my ass ingame and stop this.

PS: Smack talk doesn’t means Trash talk.

If you can explain how I can rage quit a game before it even starts, I have some lovely prizes for you. Go and screenshot the discussion and highlight my rage. Yet here you are yelling about quitting while conveniently excusing quitting from a game yourself.

Hypocrisy is boring :person_shrugging:

Again, show where I trash talked Shinjosun for, wait for it, quitting a game. Specifically I said I don’t like quitters and y’all started attacking me en masse. It is all there in the threads, you just keep reimagining it with me as the villain.