Agamemnon's game! (6897e225)

Smack talk goes here for Agamemnon’s game!! Game URL:

@SackGT hi!
can’ leave this game :frowning:
Error Message: There was an error processing your request.

@Agamemnon Please reorder players by their time-zone before starting, like GMT +8, GMT +2, GMT +1, GMT -1, GMT-8 etc.

I’m GMT -8.

@Agamemnon - the order is bad. I also was wrong. Put GMT+0 second slot, unless you know his play time.

ok thats done i think we’ll kick off with 4?

@Agamemnon Never let AI slot in game! It will unbalance the game!

Wasnt aware. New to online Civ.

I agree with adyyc, it’s a better game experience to start with a full slate of human players if possible … I can hold my turn at least until we have the open slots filled (if everyone agrees)

wow, that’s kid of s***** of adyyc to just leave without making an effort to work with everyone. I’ll hold the turn for a bit, I’ll see if I can get a couple of other players to join

Do i need to do anything to allow players join mid game?

Ok ive changed the rules to allow players join after start.

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i’ve messaged a few players I play other games with to see if they’ll join

I have someone trying to join as Dido (Carthage), but says the site’s not letting him. Is there a setting on your end @Agamemnon that might be stopping him?

don’t think so someone joined in the last AI slot this evening? Has he got the right packed enabled or disabled.?

He has the right packs, Valamas explained it on discord – because adyyc quit after the game began, the new player for Carthage has to be manually substituted in for adyyc. Here’s what Valamas wrote on Discord:
“head over to the PYDT support forum.
Submit a post asking for a sub.
Which player to sub in for which player or position number
Include a link to the game”
If you have a chance to do this @Agamemnon that would be great (I’m busy at the moment) … the player who wants to join is Gamoss

i have done this

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OK, gamoss is in

Howdy ho! Indeed I am in the game.

good stuff.