Agamemnon's game! (6897e225)

There seems to still be an issue - I can’t upload my turn. I can’t revert the turn either, so unless someone has an idea, it might be best to start the whole thing over.

@Agamemnon can you revert it back to the beginning again?

done. kicked off once again. hopefully its all working now.

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Yeah looks like we’re in business.

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ive added a turn timer.

Any way to get a revert of the turn? My apologies for missing, thought I had a bit more time.

Apparently I missed my turn. No need to revert, but just wondering is everyone getting notifications on email about their turns? I did get a notification that I was Skipped but no info that I had turn file waiting…

I’m getting my email notifications

Since Huns have moved in a Battering Ram next to our city of Utique, Carthago has no other options than to declare war and defend itself from the Huns soon to become invading forces.

The Grand Council of the Iroquois finds the news that the Huns are acting aggressively most disturbing, due to their central position on our continent.

@Agamemnon - Can I get a revert?

@banman39 can you revert the turn. I was on a worktrip and missed my turn…


Hey, I will be travelling from friday the 1st of July until wednesday 6th of July and can’t do my turns during that time.

@Agamemnon - Can I get a revert please? Thanks!

@Agamemnon - Can I get a revert please? Thanks!


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Missed one turn 2 weeks ago and few of my troops seem to be still travelling somewhere pointless direction. God I hate AI. It even started building archelogists in two cities.

Will miss my turn as my computer decided that Cafe Latte is not good for it’s health. So games for me until I get a new one next monday. So if possible I would appreciate and pause on the timer.

@Agamemnon and @Maxmcg - are either of you on Discord? Would be nice to talk.