A Little DB Will Do - by OtherRealisms (fa54dac7)

Smack talk goes here for A Little DB Will Do - by OtherRealisms! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/fa54dac7-e434-44c1-a1ec-f20d847ce56a

It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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To reiterate:

DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO 1 TURN PER DAY! (Vacations, holidays and emergencies excepted).

If you cannot play 1 turn per day due to vacation, holiday or emergency, please leave a message here notifying us (if possible). That way, we don’t have to wonder if you are ever coming back.

Ban Babylon

Whats the password. One tufn no problem. Ban gilgamesh

I removed the password.

Interesting mod, looking forward to discover it…
Banning Gorgo (I’m a bit worried about these Theater Square buffs and no BBG)

Timezone GMT+1.
When uni semesters are on, I almost always spare the time to play on the morning (6-8 GMT) before I go, then the evening (17-Midnight GMT). Rest of the year I’m very available around the clock aside from nighttime.

Ban Seondeok.
I normally play minimum at nights (20-24 GMT). On the weekends I can also play in the mornings.

Looking forward to start!^^

Banning Portugal
I’m available between 16-18 GMT and 22-05 GMT on weekdays and pretty much completely available on weekends

Sorry all, electricity and power down all day. I’ll work in this Thursday morning.

Here are the playing times (preliminary). Please check your times. As host, I have to go first.

I’m not an expert at this. If anyone wants to propose a different order, please post it here.

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looks ok

I’m going to add Inquisitors only get 1 cleanse, and No Remove Heretic functions, in order to give religious victory a chance. If anyone wants to change their ban, please do so.

Also, is Pangaea okay, or do you players want a different map type?

It all seems good to me. The only input I have is I feel pangea is a little harsh to naval civs in the case someone ends up rolling one randomly, it’s a feels bad. It’s not too bad on average though, continents or continents and islands probably have better low rolls for most civs

If we do pangea I’d like to change my ban

Pangea I’ll ban gaul. Otherwise I’ll ban Portugal

I’m thinking about changing to continents and islands. Any comments?


Fine by me. I do like Seven Seas, too (only seen it a few times though)

Here are your draft picks. We will use the playing order:

1 - Other
2 - Kapshul
3 - Andrew
4 - CEO Spear
5 - Matthew
6 - Bored

Trading of draft slates is allowed. Trading of individual civs is not allowed.

@andrewsmart48 I’m sorry, I don’t know who Soliman le magnifique is. If you feel that this disadvantages you, I will switch with you, or we can work something else out.

Suleiman’s latest released persona - at least that’s the translation, I guess the bot is not quite up to date.

As for me I’ll take Gaul