8 Seats Invitational, No AI's, Std Speed, BBG (dcaeb351)

why u surrender? u r not irrel!

He is right, your position is not irrelevant, you are contesting right now for the 2nd or 1st place, to be honest you will continue to have a very high position within the first 3 places, come on my friend, although within this game we are enemies, outside of it I can tell you that you are a very good contender and that not because a bad decision (attacking England) everything is lost. I will be happy to continue playing this game with you, I expect you don’t surrender and continue fighting until the last turn.

Hungary has 14 cities! more than everyone else. Please find a sub for him if he doesn’t like to play anymore

I will try to find a sub, we need to pause the game, find a sub and revert turns until Hungary’s turn. If someone knows of someone to take his place pls invite him.

Hello from Hungary

Thanks for subbing in :slight_smile:
Dont let Dido gets a lot of free cities :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello and welcome, more less I have explained you about this game, the last turn I sent this proposal to Hungary

Matthias Corvinus king of Hungary, war is upon our doors, people’s life is precious, no one else should die, here we are to end this war by pacific ways.
We were not going to allow our allied queen Victoria to fall, that’s why we joined this war. We are open to make peace if we can agree on these terms:

You can see the rest scrolling up, analyze the situation now that is your turn and take the best decision for your nation, we can continue the war or we can make peace.

Also feel free to ask anyone here about any doubt you may have.

Thanks again for joining us.

It seems to me that Hungary should be returned all the cities in the north and that Victoria only gets Liverpool, Hull back and access to the lands in the south. Norwich would stay with Hungary as it is a forward settle.

Suzerainty is irrelevant and is free for all.

As I am stepping in to this game halfway and that I am an average player at best. These are the final terms, otherwise I will play the game as best I can as the one being conquered.

I understand that you are new to the game, but we can’t agree on those terms, what Matthias did was not minor, he was decided to exterminate England.
We can’t agree on those terms, because that’s like saying, ok, nothing happened let’s leave everything like it was before the war (but even worse cuz Norwich will be of Hungary), and we sincerely can’t do that.
We can make peace, but it will have a cost, we continue to think that the deal we offered is fair, king Matthias will still have an enormous portion of land, where he can settle new cities without being molested by England or Phoenicia.
We are claiming back the lands from England and also space for his people to plant their crops, grow their children and expand their borders.
We don’t want to continue the war, but if king Matthias denies to surrender our people will continue to fight.

I have removed my unkillable great spies.