6 way snowflake map game (ce03e1d8)

Smack talk goes here for 6 way snowflake map game! Game URL: Civ 5 / 6 / Beyond Earth / Old World Asynchronous Multiplayer (PBEM) | Play Your Damn Turn

Any chance you can play with Better Balanced Start and Better Balanced Game (BBS/BBG)?

sure, that looks good

alright, I’ll give it a whirl then…

To improve communication/chatter, I created a channel for our game on the Civ 6 PYDT discord server… Can all of you come on over? Discord is better than this chat… Civ6 Cloud & PYDT Games

someone didn’t like their starting position.

What the flying f*ck. Leaving after the game has started without saying anything is definitely a way to not be let back into another game in our community. Can you remind me who that was?

Let’s not play with an AI. Fortunately it is pretty easy to replace someone in PYDT… Let’s find a sub and then I believe we can do it ourselves, if not we can get SackGT to do it for us.

thegarthok has surrendered from 6 way snowflake map game . :frowning:

Ok, I have posted to find a sub on our discord server (I still encourage people to come on over there!)

In the meantime, here are instructions for inserting a sub: SUPPORT - How to Player Substitution - Game Support - Play Your Damn Turn

they got a great civ too

Ok I wanted to pass along this note from our host:
" 1. Oh sorry, he quit because he didn’t have the season pass mods, he thought he did. So he couldn’t get into the game.

  1. [9:21 AM]

He messaged me and we tried to fix it, but it guess he dropped after it went to sleep. I was going to mention it this morning, if he couldn’t get it to work, but I slept in a bit."

So let me remove my slander from earlier, and I have removed the discord post suggesting that he be banned from future games.

As an object lesson: please communicate with your game-mates to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings!

Seems fair enough.

Quick update: we have a sub (LoneStar) and are working to get him into PYDT.

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Looks like I am in. Thanks!

better balanced game seems to have updated to a newer version and now i can’t load my turn

yeah i have that. it says i need 4.6.4 top play


Is there an FS limit? I’m seeing people up to 3 so far.

what is FS?