5 Seats, No AI, Continents, BBS, BBG, only fast movers GMT -8 to GMT -3 (9752d5ec)

Smack talk goes here for 5 Seats, No AI, Continents, BBS, BBG, only fast movers GMT -8 to GMT -3! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9752d5ec-984d-4425-894a-67c0ba05a6c9

random civ or choose civ

I’ll ban Germany because he is red haired.

I’ll ban Macedonia.
BTW - I created the channel on discord.

I ban Kupe

Perro and I usually communicate by Smack Talk or Steam messages

I find it much more convenient on discord. In fact, I have opened like 20 games and all players in all of these games are using discord. Therefore, for me is this Smack Talk one more thing to deal with.
Example: someone replied to my post here. I got an e-mail saying that, my phone notified me. Therefore I went to check my emails (in case it is something work related) and now am losing my time typing this.
On the other hand, on discord I go when I actually play the game. So, in my spare time, when I don’t work or do anything important. I check all messages, answer what I need to answer, take my turns in games simultaneously…

So, to wrap it up: this is not good for me guys, sorry. Game didn’t start yet, I better leave now. Enjoy your game anyways!! :v:

Not sure I understand this. When there is new Smack Talk, a red star appears on the PYDT client window. You always know that either there is a new turn to be played, a new Smack Talk message is available or both.

Hi @our_witchcult_grows you have an average time of more than 8 hours, is that your average time atm? we are looking for people with an average of 2 hours or less, can you do that time?

I ban Bull Moose Teddy.

Oh, sorry, 2 hours is too short period for me (now)
So I think I should leave
Sorry again, GL HF :slight_smile:

  • We can chat at this discord server Discord
    Can you make a normal invite, please?

You can take a seat, there is an open space

I’ll ban Eleanor of Aquitaine (England)

@kapshul who r u gonna ban?

Nobody. :slight_smile:

@Jaroslav who is gonna be ur ban?

As I said here and on discord: Macedonia

I ban Rome