5 Seats, No AI, Continents, BBS, BBG, only fast movers GMT -8 to GMT -3 (9752d5ec)

Does everyone has discord? :astonished:

I have. But looks like link in description is incorrect. :frowning:

I have Discord, but since I don’t player FFA or Teamers games there, I don’t have much reason to hang out there.

I get an error when I try to upload my turn in both of the games I’m in. I’ll try again a little later.

Guys I needed to roll back some turns to the point before Ville left the game to substitute him, I’ve already asked the admins to help us, I’ll let you know any advance. thanks for ur patience.


well, it has been a week since @chaldean33 made his last move, @kapshul do you know something about him?

Hmmm. I don’t know. :frowning:

Sorry I forgot to set the vacation flag - had to make another unexpected trip :unamused:

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What did happen with @Calcifer? why did u leave the game?

He had one city left in war against Nubia.

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Yeah. I razed two of his 3 cities to make room for my expansions.

I could have stolen a Maya settler but didn’t want to have a 2v1 war.

chld87stv # PerroMalo Since I am last in this game, I want to make the game more interesting. I suggest we do one of the following:

  1. #chld87stv and #PerroMalo declare friendship and declare war on me,
  2. #PerroMalo and I declare friendship and declare war on #chld87stv, or
  3. #chld87stv and I renew friendship and declare war on #PerroMalo.

I’m open to any of the above.

I’m posting the congress for this session.

Thank you. Why not on discord?

I mean: I post here, my client refreshes notifying me about a new post here. To get rid of notification I click it and wait while my browser opens, connects to this website and then scroll all the way down to read my own post.
Common, guys, we have discord for this purpose.

This is the congress for this session, chats and discussions at discord.

These are the congress proposals for this session, chats and discussions in private or at discord.

I’m letting you know the proposals for this congress.