4v4 Pangea! - BBG 5, BBS, 1 turn per day, CWC style draft (22347ea1)

That would explain the rather poor starting locations :slight_smile:

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This game has been reset by the admin.

Restarted! Back to turn 1, hopefully with much better starts for everyone

Hi all,

I just want to alert you all to something. I played my turn just now and noticed that CQUI had been enabled (which I didn’t have enabled or even downloaded) as well as another, unfamiliar panel at the bottom-right which turned out to be a cheat menu (spawn units etc). It seems that the savefile I opened caused some mods to be auto-downloaded and enabled. That’s fine but the fact that a cheat mod was one of them AND was auto-enabled and actually useable in a MP game is concerning.

I’m not suggesting anyone was deliberately trying to cheat (there are perfectly legitimate reasons for having a unit spawning mod for SP testing learning etc). I deliberated whether or not to say anything but I thought on balance I should share what happened and you can all come to your own conclusions.

And yes, I obviously disabled the mod and didn’t spawn a GDR. Can the players after me please verify that this mod isn’t appearing for them?

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I played my turn mere minutes ago, missed a chance to check I guess.

I’m pretty sure I have auto-downloading of mods disabled though so I’m surprised this went through unnoticed.
Edit: After checking it turns out I do have auto-download on.

Well I disabled the mod before I saved my turn, so hopefully shouldn’t appear on the file you opened.

All - please don’t use any game altering mods in this game (such as a mod to spawn units). If anyone is found to be cheating they will be kicked from the game and we will find a sub :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I don’t know what CQUI is

I don’t have CQUI or any unit spawn mods. However, after the most recent patch updated (which for me was yesterday Thurs 16 Mar), I found that my “default” mod list included every mod I had ever subscribed to. This included an OCC mod which includes (a someone bugged-out) regular unit spawn mechanic. That is, every ten or so turns, each player supposedly spawns a stack of units contemporary to their era (e.g. 5 musketmen appear!) I don’t if that is related to the problem stated above or not, but I just mention it here as disclosure, and also to note that the same “Mass Mod installatino” may have happened to someone else who does have a spawner installed.


It’s a user interface mod. I dont like it personally but it’s quite popular.

whenever there is a game patch or update civ automatically re-enables all the dlc and mods. it’s a bit annoying.

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Right? Plus it deletes all the Mod profiles I have created previously. First world problems though.

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