4v4 Pangea! - BBG 5, BBS, 1 turn per day, CWC style draft (22347ea1)

I’ll pick Gitarja

I will go rome

Hi all,

A couple of Qs about the setup:

What Difficulty Level will everyone be playing? Are we all defaulting to prince, bumping it to deity, or arranging some split level thing based on hours played or something?

What sort of Geographical Arrangement will the players in relation to their teammates and their opposition? My understanding is that we can be aligned together along a north-south line, or along an east-west line, or no arrangement at all.

Is this going to be “Always War” two factions vs each other right from the start? I was assuming from the “violent enemies” part of this game that it’s all go right from turn zero, since war is basically inevitable in such a contest, but I don’t want to assume wrong.

Finally, I think I’m picking last, so I think it’s just HappyCamper to pick their Civ and then me?

I would leave it on prince, and go east-west.

The war part probably doesn’t matter because war always breaks out eventually.

I assume that all victory conditions except territory will be in effect.

These are my opinions, I haven’t consulted with my teammates yet.

I agree about prince.

I agree that war will eventually break out. Probably at the drop of a hat :smiley:

I agree about all victory conditions except territory.

My preference is for random positioning, to let fate decide. But I’m flexible if others prefer east-west.

I thought higher difficulty levels were mostly to prevent city-states from being even more defenseless, mostly. Either way, I don’t mind much (and yeah random positioning sounds better to me)

I’ll pick Scythia.

With east-west positioning the teammates will be in closer proximity to each other. With random, you could have your civ in closer proximity to 3 or 4 of their team. (Of course, if that happens, it then will more likely to happen to the other team too.)

Ok @Mr_Six the final pick is yours!

It’s ginger-beard Freddie of Germany for me.

I’ve done a few test playthroughs (not all the way through) and found that the most pleasing setup is East v West, probably because the map is wider than it is tall, so it’s possible for the mapmaker to arrange two distinct blocs. North v South seems to result in some–shall we say, sub-optimal placements?

Team 1 conferred, and we all prefer random because it is more fun.

Team 2: if you are worried about a bad start, what do you think about the idea of random start but with each team having an optional “remap token” you can choose to use within the first 10 turns to request a remap? It might be complicated to deal with, but would give some layer of protection against an unfun spawn

I don’t mind the idea of a restart-token but it should be done within 1-2 turns and not more, IMO

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Seconded. Ten turns is a lot of days worth of play. Two turns, three turns MAX. We’ll need to use our intuition on this one.

lets go 3.

agree with 3


Let the swap phase begin. If anyone wants to swap civs with a teammate, please announce it.

Otherwise, if I don’t hear of any swaps, I’ll plan to start the game tomorrow, in about 24h from now!

All - Apologies for the delay, something came up today. I should be able to start the game tomorrow. Sorry!

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Game started! And we’re off!!!

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All - I’m really sorry to report this, but HappyCamper just noticed that I didn’t have BBG or BBS enabled when I started the game! :frowning_face:

I’m sorry but we’ve got to restart. I’ll do it shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience