4v4 Pangea! - BBG 5, BBS, 1 turn per day, CWC style draft (22347ea1)

Smack talk goes here for 4v4 Pangea!! - BBG 5, BBS, 1 turn per day, CWC style draft! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/22347ea1-be0d-471b-a4b0-91e38dffbdb0


I assume you’ll post that “Civ6 Cloud & PYDT Games” server that we need to join, through Discord?


Here is the server:

Once the roster is full, I’ll ask the admin to create private channels for each of the two teams and we can start the draft

That’s a link to a channel in the server, not an invite to it!
I’m also in the PYDT discord if that makes it easier

Whoops! Sorry, I’m a Discord novice. I’ll figure it out a better way to invite everyone and circle back

This one should work. This is the link to join the PYDT server:

Final Player checking in!

Welcome @Mr_Six !

Ok all, please announce your Discord name and join the server using the link above. Then we’ll move on to the draft!

OtherRealisms #8693


Lambo #3040


Hi all! The channels have been created. You should have been invited to (only) one of these two channels:


@andrewsmart48 please let us know your Discord name. We’ll add you to the Team 1 channel and then kickoff the draft!


@andrewsmart48 thank you!

And we’re off! These are the teams:

Team 1

  • Coppercloud
  • Maximilian
  • andrewsmart48
  • HappyCamper

Team 2

  • OtherRealisms
  • matt_lambert
  • CEO of Spearfighting
  • Mr_Six

Everyone should be in a discord channel for their team (but NOT be able to see the discord channel for the other team)

You may now begin to discuss strategy (or whatever!) with your team

Next up is ban phase 1. Once you have discussed with your team, please announce your ban, in the following order:

  1. Coppercloud (team 1)
  2. OtherRealisms (team 2)
  3. matt_lambert (team 2)
  4. Maximilian (team 1)

Remember that these civs are already auto-banned:

  • Babylon
  • Kupe
  • All the New Leader Pass civs

In the game as a whole (all 8 Players) communicating by SmackTalk or Discord? Doing both will be confusing.

This is the intended policy:

* All communication between members of rival teams must be be public, via public pin or Smack Talk.
* Communication between teammates may be private within the team, via private pin or Discord.


All 8 players = SmackTalk
Your own team = Discord

(Totally open to suggestions if anyone has ideas on how to improve the format in any way.)

As for the bans:

I’ll kick things off by banning Byzantium

Next up are bans from @OtherRealisms , then @EmJayLambert , then @HappyCamper