4v4! BBG, BBS, 1x turn/day, draft: Pangea (72c9825c)

Fair enough

this topic was discussed in discord. Documenting the conclusion here for everyone’s visibility.

These is the policy from CPL:

Each player can conquer and keep ONE city state directly.

Additionally, each player can also conquer and keep any former City State(s) that was conquered by a different player on a PREVIOUS turn.

Lastly, there is a special carveout for the Great Merchant Stamford Raffles, who “absorbs” a CS to your civ. This one special case is allowed on top of the above.

Players are not allowed to rename city-states.

So the limit is based on the act of capturing, not how many you hold.

I propose that go with the CPL policy the default. If both teams agree to change it we can change it

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also, one more topic: in re-reading the CPL rules, I see that CPL remap requests may be made until “before turn 10”. Ours are defined as “before the end of turn 3”. (For reference, turn 3 is currently in progress.) I would like to propose that we switch to CPL’s policy that re-map requests must be made “before turn 10” in order to maximize the chance that everyone has the best playing experience possible. Please let me know if there are any objections.

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fine for me!

hi all! it looks like Game 1 is successfully under way :smiley:

the plan is to kick off the draft for Game 2 of this best-of-3 series once Game 1 approaches the end of the ancient era

but here is the twist I’ve been saving(!!) I’d like to propose that leaders picked or banned in previous games are AUTOBANNED for the rest of the series

That means that all leaders that were picked or banned in Game 1 are automatically autobanned in Game 2. And if there is a Game 3, then all leaders picked or banned in both Games 1 and Game 2 are autobanned

As a result, we will experience more a more diverse set of civs and strategies over the series

What do you think?


wouldn’t we run out of leaders by the third game? :slight_smile:
maybe autoban only the civs we’ve played already?

just to be clear about the numbers: there are 68 leaders. So even after the 3rd game, there would be 20 more leaders to draft a 4th game with :smiley:

@danlmartins, no worries, there won’t be a 3rd game :smiley:

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:skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: