4K's Always War FFA on BBG v5.6, Online Speed, 7 Seas (Standard), CPL Ranked (617c62da)

Smack talk goes here for No friendship, No trade (except amenities), CPL Ranked, BBG 5.6, BBS, MPH, Random FFA 7 Seas, CS raze only, Civilized Barbs, Online! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/617c62da-0788-4059-a4f5-add5fe388854

hello,I can’t fine our channel on discord ,could you send a link?


is that like this?

@Volks , the channel will be created after we have all players.
Meanwhile, please make sure you receive your “cloud” role by reacting “1” to this message in #assigned_roles : LINK

@Valamas can you please recommend the player sorting?
“Ant” is a new player with play-window 13:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT

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Dear players, please vote on which leader/civ should the other players play with, in our channel: Discord

Why can’t we choose freely from our draft?

The fact that other players vote for you is how I’ve set the rule for this game.

@Volks & Ant, please cast your votes in the Discord channel

@Volks, you are the only one which is left to vote. Are you still interested in this game?

sr,I was afk for an exam

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Hope the exam’s gone well

everything went well except my math :joy:,

When my turn comes, I will remove BBG live and add static BBG 5.6

You’ll then need to have the static version: Discord

@Volks you’re supposed to declare war on me the turn you met me
also, you met another player and you’re not at war

@Volks, next turn, please declare war on everyone you met before.

  • The rules say “Declare war as soon as meeting & no peace”
    (if Player X discovered Player Y → player X should declare war to Player Y)

ok, I forgot