4 Players, 4-Leaf Clover - FFA, BBG BBS, Online Speed, Draft, Disasters 3 (fc4f1548)

Smack talk goes here for 4 Players, 4-Leaf Clover - FFA, BBG BBS, Online Speed, Draft, Disasters 3! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/fc4f1548-65d3-4812-bec2-c580e5b1c7e7

Banning: Philip II, Lautaro.
My playtimes are in my description.
Make sure you announce your playing windows converted to GMT+0 !

Ban: Dido, Alexander
8-23 GMT

Ban: Tomyris, Shaka
I play mainly in the 13-5 gmt window.

let’s try to land a faster player for the fourth slot!

Objection to OtherRealisms – game quitter

Ban Norway, Byzantium

Play 1600-0400 GMT/UTC

I won’t take a stance on this, sorry. Let me know if you decide to stay in the game in spite of his presence.

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If it will help to settle the issue, I pledge not to quit this game.

Haha, joining any game should be a pledge not to quit :slight_smile:

Y’all have fun!

Hello, banning Maori & Aztecs. My zone is GMT +1

Could you detail your usual playing schedule through the day, @Bliss ? I took the hypothesis that you play around 17:00 - 2:00 to draft this player order, but this is up for changes (for instance if you can start earlier than OtherRealisms, you’ll play before he does, most likely, as he’s in a different timezone)

That is correct, I play usually at night after 10pm although sometimes during the day as well.

We should be good with this order then, I reckon.

There’s the draft, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction. I am sticking with old reliable Kublai - China.

I pick Rome

I pick Persia

I pick Gandhi

It’s on!

Sorry Kublai @CEO_of_Spearfighting, but I had to declare war on you so you wouldn’t send me a nasty trade route.

Edit: Oops, I got you confused with Kublai of Mongolia.

Aye. And truth be told, there’s no city of yours I can reach with a trade route yet. :smile: