4-leaf clover FFA (ca17a4f2)

Smack talk goes here for 4-leaf clover FFA! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/ca17a4f2-e9ad-4c24-9f49-e9aa7207691e

I picked random leader but I’m up for some kind of ban/draft system.
Are we using BBG/BBS and the usual?

I’m fine either way on civ choice, let’s see what other players would like after they join

I’m not planning any mods, not sure otherwise what ‘the usual’ is … I’m open to whatever though. What do those mods do?

BBG is Better Balanced Game and changes mostly civs/leaders (but also to a lesser extent governors/great people/sometimes a tech requirement here and here) - it’s not perfect but it helps balance a lot (so much that to be blunt, I’d probably not play without it)

BBS is Better Balanced Starts and mostly smoothes out the difference between very good starts and very bad ones, including changes to natural wonders.

That’s mostly all of them to be honest - Then there are UI Mods that are entirely optional: if the Host of the game has them then everyone can use them if they wish. Extended Policy Cards is a must-have IMO and I also use Concise UI

Thanks for your descriptions of the mods! Right now I have a lot of ‘base game’ games going on, so I’m not going to throw a game into the mix with such broad game changes as the BBG mod (for much the same reason I imagine you’d rather not play a game without it :smiley: ) …

so this’ll be an unmodded game

Aight no worries, best of luck!

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Hey @banman39 looks like we are ready to go, can you start the game?

For sure! Just noticed last night we have four, but didn’t have a chance to start it until today. Will be up imminently …

Hrm, you have some mod called “larger map sizes”, which looks like it’s a Steam mod - I’m playing through Epic Games and I can’t seem to find it.

Unless you can tell me otherwise, I’ll probably have to bow out.

Let me look into it, I thought I’d made sure no non-steam mods were active …

yep, I missed it, hang on a minute

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Give it a try, should be good now

Nailed it, thanks

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Anyone know someone who’d be interested in subbing for Australia? I’ve posted in the public channel, but no takers

I’ll ask a friend when I get back to town next week. Sorry about the huge turn delay, was off grid travelling for a bit.

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@kevpaz was your friend interested in joining?

yeah, i should be able to dig someone up today. are you holding off on your turn until we fill the slot?

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yeah, figure it’s easier that way

the people i’ve sent it to so far don’t want to add any more games :frowning: is it open for public join right now?