10 Seats, No AI's, C&I, Std Spd, BBG, BBS, SS, FFA (rules) (c41e03a9)

That was hard really hard to choose but: FranceEleanorofAquitaine: Eleanor-Fr

HungaryMatthiasCorvinus: Hungary

it was dumb of me to mention that in this context.

5am is only if nightmares or other broken sleep has me pounding the house at that time.
Please forget that as a regular reliable option.

22-23 on most days is not a problem.


Kupe: Maori

Ok, so then we have this arrangement, with the cooperation of ppl with the yellow marker (they are key to keep the game moving) to don’t lose their blue turns and ppl with turns within the red square take them as fast as possible we are going to be able to make 2 turns per day average.

We are just waiting for @RTR_Carneiro_R and @coolmajaka to post their pick and we are ready to go.
If anyone wanna suggest a switch in the arrangement pls let me know. :ok_hand:


Also, the 4 pm CST/ 22 GMT is gonna be a good some days and bad the others. Right now I will be able to move within an hour 4 days a week, within 5-6 1 day, and not for 7-8 two days a week. My schedule currently see-saws. That said, I can make a move until roughly 21 GMT, so if earlier turns go off, I can get mine done.

The next slot down, the 14/23 would mean less time on nights when I work late but I might miss moves available by 21.

Hope that helps

HI, i pick Japan tge great Tokugawa: Tokugawa of japan the real king

You can no longer choose him due to this rule:
Civs are gonna be chosen by every player from a draft (first player to pick a leader or a nation will be able to play it and no one else can duplicate it).
As Hojo Tokimunne from Japan has already been taken no one else can pick Japan. Can you pls post another pick please.

Newb question: can I play with mods that tweak my UI, or just the three mentioned in the rules? (like better report screens as an example)

You can use any mods you like for your UI, that’s a good question, I’ll add this description to the rules so no one else have this doubt.

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@coolmajaka I had your playing window incorrect in the gaming schedule. If I’m ok now your playing window is 13:00 - 06:00 GMT; and your turns are gonna be around:
1st turn: 15:00 GMT
2nd turn: 01:00 GMT

I’m pasting the corrected picture, let me know if you have no problems with these times @coolmajaka .
As before, bottle neck will be the turns in blue, if players with those turns can take them in time we will be doing 2 turns per day average.

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That helps – cuts me down to two days a week where I won’t be able to play within an hour or so, but it will be less than 4 on those two days. Otherwise I will try to play as soon/early as possible!

Just waiting for your pick @RTR_Carneiro_R

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Hi Perro,
he is unavailable right now and asked me to let you know he chose yongle from china.


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Thanks, now that we have all picks let’s begin, I recommend everyone to read the rules one more time, good luck to everyone, lets have fun and fair play.
I hope that ppl that have the bottle neck turns commit to don’t miss them so we have a fluid game. :smiley: :v:

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Sorry, I have to work out how to get hold of the Julius Caesar Leader Pack. I thought that this was in the list of excluded DLC when I joined.
I’ll see if I can figure it out later unless someone has any quick instructions?

You have to click on the 2K logo at the bottom right once you have launched Civ 6 and link your game to their server. No one is playing as Caeser so your might not need it.

I’d already done that bit okay and restarted Civ 6 but still couldn’t run the game as it said I was missing the Julius Caesar DLC.
I restarted the game again and it’s worked this time. I probably didn’t wait long enough for it to download.
Thanks for the help.