Yurop! (a777585f)

Smack talk goes here for Yurop!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a777585f-1dd3-4d84-b8ec-cfe17634b07b

I’m on a business trip from today on till the next week and I need a bit longer then usual to play my turn. Sorry - but I have my gaming laptop with me :wink:

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I won’t be able to play my turns till Sunday at night since I’m gonna be out for holidays. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry to interrupt this game, but I’m on vacation from tomorrow on till sunday.

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In response to your ingame markers:

GG. I understand. I met requirements for Religious Victory two turns ago, but Victory hasn’t triggered yet for some reason.

I’ve been pretty lucky this game. I was about to quit back in the classical era when my newly founded second city was captured by Teddy Roosevelt, but an international emergency triggered and I got 3600 gold by retaking my city. That gold helped me defeat the Roman player, as I could levy Babylon’s army (which was huge) and use it against him in combination with my own army. I snowballed from that moment onwards.

I saw those early emergencies and the huge bonuses and thought: Wow - not bad. At first I was suprised that you lost your city to an AI :smiley:

This was a pretty fun game - the map is huge. Maybe with some more players it would be more challenging :slight_smile:

And I noticed that high relgious victory progess, but sometimes (at least in hot seat mode) the victory trigger is strange.


Yeah, I didn’t think I could lose a city to a King AI, but Teddy brought a swarm of warriors boosted with Teddy’s strength in home continent. Nothing I could do, ha ha.

I agree, this map has been fun.

This is the first PYDT campaign I reach the endgame, so I don’t know how both PYDT and hotseat handle the endgame. It says I’ve converted 3/3 civs, but win screen doesn’t pop up. What is usually done when this happens?


Some strange stuff happens. I should get a notification that you have won. The victory progress is then resetted to 0 - pretty strange.

Not happening. We can just leave if you want. I don’t want to bother you just to see the win screen pop up. It’s up to you.