Yeti la Pesadilla's game! (126b998b)

Smack talk goes here for Yeti la Pesadilla’s game!! Game URL:

Welcome! Ask me any questions or better still, goto the discord channel

I won’t have access to a computer or internet for the next 6 days. Feel free to kick me if that’s too long.

I’m happy putting the game on ice until you get back. I will also be away this weekend, returning Monday.

Hey! Since LeechSucka has surrended we’ve got the first AI in the game. I don’t think we agreed any rules re interaction with AI at the beginning. So we can agree now. Shall we play fully or partially following club rules or ignoring them?

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Sure, let’s go with the club rules.

  • No trading with the AI, including accepting disaster relief
  • Farming tiles (gold/faith) via city state or AI pillaging or via loyalty flipping. Healing allowed (farms)
  • When the AI is in the game, either by design or a resigned player, that the only city that can be captured from that point on is the capital. All others must be razed.
  • Ban on city trading as it is exploit prone.

I have amended to add no disaster relief between players as a v1.0.1
good luck and fun…

I’m done for, gg!

Common… If people leave w/o notice it’s not a fun to play according to the etiquette… You are killing walls for N turns and when city is almost captured a player resigns…

Huh? Sorry, what’s the point in me sticking around to randomly shoot ineffective shots at units that overpower mine? The AI can do that just fine.

OK, sorry, I didn’t read the thing about only allowing capture of cities for non resigned players. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you capturing my cities now, I think the spirit of that rule is to not take advantage of the AI. And for everyone else here, there’s no way I would have fought off @MonkeyWithGrenade’s advance.

Monkey, how about if any city or cities you’re currently attacking, you can capture. After that, switch to the AI etiquette. That way it’s like he resigned after the current cities are captured.

Oki. Let’s try this way. Initially I tried to think about the etiquette as about strict rules. But seems like we have found an edge case which can harm a gameplay…

@MonkeyWithGrenade, I see that you’ve conquered Chennai and Patna. Were those under attack when we discussed the rules above?

Yep. One was half-done, 2nd was just started. The last city will be razed.

OK, sounds good. Just wanted to confirm. I had to raze pretty much all of Babylon’s penninsula, so I wanted to make sure we were following the same rules. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

We’ve got a religious victory during space age :smiley:

Thank you for playing till the very end! It was a good one. I’ll be glad to play with you more games.

@MonkeyWithGrenade, gg.

Good game all. It was a fun one.