Yeah's game! (c48e1674)

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Hi @SackGT, i write you here because i cant find how to write to you directly. I saw that you are an admin on the site and i have a question for you. For some time im having trouble loading my game im playing with PYDT. Im able to play solo game or start hotseat game alone, but i cant load my game i get from PYDT and i dont know why. Could you please help me if you have any idea why this is happening.

Can you post a screenshot or something? I don’t really have enough info to go on.

Hey ! First, im not able to install pydt on my computer. I have to do it from the website directly. So, i download my turn on the website, then i open Civz and when i try to load the save i got from pydt the screen freeze and after a few seconds the game crash, close.

When im back home ill try to send a screenshot.

Are you not able to install pydt because you don’t want to or because you have a problem installing it?

Try deleting all the saves from your hotseat folder just to make sure you’re loading the right save. Otherwise you can try reverting a turn, sometimes the game just gets in a bad state. A screenshot would be helpful.

I have a problem installing it.Error

Here is the log System log.txt (120.7 KB)

When i select the file and i click load, the little loading planet appear then the screen froze like on the screenshot and a few second later the game close.

This is happening for all your games? You’ve been playing turns so I assume it’s been working at some point, but I don’t think that it would be related to PYDT at all, PYDT mostly just passes the file around. You can try reverting and seeing if that helps, sometimes the files just get in a bad state.

As for the client, you could try deleting C:\Users\wolve\AppData\Local\SquirrelTemp and C:\Users\wolve\AppData\Local\playyourdamnturn and trying again, from this thread it sounds like antivirus might be interfering: Couldn’t write out staging user ID · Issue #698 · Squirrel/Squirrel.Windows · GitHub

And maybe it is an antivirus thing in general - since you downloaded the file from the website maybe your antivirus wants to check it and is causing civ 5 to crash somehow? If you have antivirus software can you try disabling it?

Thanks ill try that and see if it fix the problem. Thx for your time.

@wolverine_19 - it looks like you were able to play your turn? Was it the antivirus?

Unfortunately no, my turn was skip. We have a 3 day turn timer on this game. I try but nothing is working, i guess its a problem with my computer… but i dont find what, i try tons of things.