Ww1 euro map (4cf72d0b)

Smack talk goes here for ww1 euro map ! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/4cf72d0b-8b66-4441-9669-31b351616e63


I would like to participate on this game, if possible.


looking for a sub?

Thanks. But looks like we are moving again!

I think thats actually the WW2 one. We are still short a player here

Oh yes. We lost Hungary!

@mrosack would you be able to add @Zamalekite to our empty spot?

I’ll hold off until that’s done. Then we will need to revert turns?

Sorry, been a busy week and I missed this. Yeah, you’ll need to revert a turn now that @Zamelekite is in.

When and how do we revert our turn…sorry…someone will have to remind me…please!

when it comes to your turn go to the game info, and click the revert turn button next to take turn

huuglo should be able to revert turn already from the web page

Thanks :+1:

hello i’ll help sub this game so it can continue

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OK, @onesixty2 is in, i made @Zamalekite admin, you’ll need to revert before the previous player quit

woo i’m in

I get an error when I try to revert to OneSixty2’s turn - is there anyway to jump ‘over’ him to the previous turn? as his last turn was done by the AI I presume.

I manually reverted back to @Pete, if you’re still having issues please post in the Game Support category.

I’ve created a new channel for this games in the civ cloud discord channel https://discord.gg/qEgd5f

please join if you’re not already in (most of you are)

J-Dog and Pete can you join the new Discord chat for this? Message me for a link.

When will it be allowed to war in this game? Modern era or once a certain tech is reached?