Winter Goon Game (bf025f1a)

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Did the turn get reverted? I just played the same turn I did yesterday

I’m not the best at remembering to check these, and see this is two weeks old now! I didn’t do anything to revert a turn, however so I’m not sure!

I thought posts would create email notifications but apparently not :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps steam chat is the better option

So as you may have read in the SA thread, I’m leaving for a vacation for 3 weeks and won’t be able to play. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to replace me.

So the option are:

  • You wait three weeks until I get back. Not a good solution I think :slight_smile:
  • You kick me out and replace me with an AI.
  • You know about someone else who’d like to replace me. To replace a player in the game, you need to contact the site’s admin. It can’t be done manually but he can swap players for you if you just asked. I’ve done it before and he’s very helpful.

I’m leaving Friday so I’ll be playing until then and after that it’s up to you.

Have fun!

Have a safe trip! I’ll takeover finding us a replacement. Have a RL buddy who would play but leaving it open in the thread for another two days before we do that.

Emailed admin, so we should have our new sixth in soon enough! Please continue to enjoy the hold music.

Alright, BigStickofButter will be resuming for Markuz, I’ll let the two of them decide what happens once Markuz returns, but Butter mentioned he’d be good to see us through to the end. Game on!

Dear goons,

I’ll be on vacation from 22 to 27 March and will be very far from my computer for those six days. I apologise for the inconvenience :anguished:.

Yours truly,
Don Pigeon (Mystic_Shadow)

I’ll be away this coming easter weekend (30 March to 2 April)

I’ll be away again, for 2 weeks this time, from 16-30 June. I couldn’t get any takers in the thread for taking my place but as onesixty suggested, we pause it anyway (since turns are happening pretty rapidly now, and the game should end relatively soon)

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We are all on the same page. Game has progressed pretty far, let it play out! Enjoy your vacation!!!

GG friends! I’ll post some of the graphs in the main thread. Looking forward to the next round!