Weebles Wobble, but they don't fall down! All DLC/Rise&Fall/Online Speed (cae52e7c)

Smack talk goes here for Weebles Wobble, but they don’t fall down! All DLC/Rise&Fall/Online Speed! Game URL: https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/cae52e7c-01a5-4eac-a7c0-f36541a8c1b4

onesixty2: For a while there, i thought you weren’t going to let me explore beyond your cities on purpose :wink:

Leaving from tomorrow until Sunday night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Enjoy your vacation!

I’m going away starting tonight, until up to August 19th… I may be back 18th. I don’t have a laptop to play this on, so I can’t play while on vacation. sorry

I’ll be moving from August 20th until about August 24th. Should be able to do my daily turns again by the 25th.

Did K1S3L indicate he/she was to be away for a duration

Not that I know of :confused:

@K1S3L Could we know when and if you’re going to be able to play your turns again? Ideally, holidays and long absences should be notified to the members. It’s easier to wait when you know why.

Do you guys know any player we could replace @K1S3L with?

I don’t have anyone in mind at the moment. Whoever replaces him is going to have an interesting decision to make either way.

I believe we can email Mike (the PYDT admin) to get assistance with removing if needed as well.

I sent a message out to Mike to request assistance, considering 18 days and as Kilpa mentioned in another thread, K1S3L’s activity in steam outside of Civ… I think we’re ready to move on, unfortunately.

Thank you very much.

@onesixty2 What’s the situation for this game (I just read your post on Tiny Islands)? Are we getting him replaced with somebody else? I’m holding my turn just in case.

I don’t have anyone lined up, but can poke someone from another game of ours and revert a turn if that is preferable, we’ll be in the same potential corruption territory of course.

What do you guys want to do then?


We’ve got an empty slot in this game due to K1S3L, either of you three willing to try joining if we get this one reverted as well?

@easyzivi is another one lately joining games here.

yep, i would move in if thats possible

@mrosack Hey Mike, can we try science out again with this game, revert & add @kilpa as Korea?

You’re our hero, here is tribute for your efforts: https://imgur.com/hG2yrTT