War - what is it good for? (30c69fe3)

Smack talk goes here for War - what is it good for?! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/30c69fe3-1fb9-456b-86ba-081525fea9e1

I just noticed Ozy is gone from this game. Did he leave a while ago or did this just happen?

England could not stand the confrontation with Poland, and a couple of moves back gave her control of their lands.

Well played.
It felt like doom right from the beginning… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the game often generates very unequal starting conditions, and England, this time, was just unlucky with the start.

GG. I surrendered on turn 226. Aleks was steamrolling me and the end is near. Well played.

Thank you all for the game!
Lucky with the start and the game went without problems. True, at some point there were unrest associated with the Sumerians, who had previously gone to Aviation. But, it seems to me, the Poles were helped by two circumstances - an advantage over the territory (scientific and production potential) and the ability to buy an army for faith. Also, income from the robbery of the Sumerian coast by Polish privateers helped a lot.
It seems to me that the game by the rules of “always war” robs players of many opportunities. For example, if someone is more lucky than others with starting conditions, then it is already very difficult to stop him. Less fortunate players at the start should be united against the leader, but the rules do not allow …