Very standard continents (8e815378)

Smack talk goes here for Very standard continents! Game URL:

@Other Realisms: Took your playing times from your steam profile,forget my post :slight_smile:

Still need choice of Civ from @OtherRealisms and @adi_4k:

@Markelix: Ethiopian (Menelik II)
@OtherRealisms: Mongolian (Genghis Khan) Kongolese (Mvemba a Nzinga) Greek (Gorgo) Chinese (Kublai Khan)
@happycamper: Gran Colombian (Simon Bolivar)
@Stezo187 : Scythian (Tomyris)
@petrojbl: Japanese (Hojo Tokimune)
@Jobby: Roman (Trajan)
@Lambo: Poland (Jadwiga)
@adi_4k: Nubia (Amanitore) Spanish (Philip II) American (Teddy Roosevelt - Rough Rider) Georgian (Tamar)

I choose Kongolese


If it says you are missing BBG 5.1.8 even if you have the static version, get this mod:

@Markelix, I will go on another vacation between 13th an 20th.
I will surrender on the 13th if there will be nobody to replace me until then.

@adi_4k You could stay anyway.I will also have lot’s of holidays the next 5 or 6 years, so we can just wait for the hollidays. It’s normal to have a lot of such breaks in long lasting games.

@Markelix OK, will remain in the game until I am replaced or until the end.

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But you ytill want to be subbed?

Yes, I would be glad to be replaced.

Anyone against asking Calcifer to add the MPH mod to this game?

Shure, I’m always against changing parameters on running games, it’s a no-go!

Sorry, I didn’t specify why I’m proposing adding the MPH mode.

  • Please let me know if you are still against.

In matches without the MPH mod, players are able to “exploit” the game and leave tech/civic unselected, storing science/culture overflow (for ever).

  • and you are no longer worried that you’ll miss eurekas/inspirations.

This is how MPH - Steam Workshop::Multiplayer Helper (MPH) - helps:

  • A technology or civic will be auto-selected at the end of any turn in which you do not manually select one. This tech/civic is always the lowest cost tech/civic that you can research usually from top to bottom vertically in the event there are more than one tied for lowest cost.
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O.k., didn’t know, what the mod does.

In that case I don’t care about the mod - if you want it, we can play with it.
For me it makes no difference as I never leave a tech unselected (and I think the advantage of doing it isn’t too great at the end), but if you feel better with it, you may ask Calcifer.

OK, thanks! Unless anybody is against, I will ask Calcifer when my turn comes.

I need revert. Conference bug + crushes of game.

I believe you have written on the wrong game.
In any case, Shift + Enter doesn’t work anymore?

Can’t shift + enter because game crush in few seconds

EDIT: Ok now was all fine.

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