Veni, vidi, vitutti - Civ V (b60eaaab)

Smack talk goes here for Veni, vidi, vitutti - Civ V! Game URL:

Let me know if you want to start the game. Haven’t tried PYDT before.

Hello, just started the game. Hope everything goes smoothly. Haven’t tried PYDT before.

I won’t be able to play my turn until late sunday evening. Couldn’t find a way to skip my turn so i’ll just have to let the timer run out

Mh - I’m not sure if this is a bug @mrosack but when I finished my move the AI took over and now it’s like a single player game. :confused:

Yeah, thanks - I guess there’s no way to skip a player if that would only leave 1 active player in the game, I added some code to prevent skips in those situations and reverted, hopefully it’ll be OK.