Valamas' Your Victory - Always War - Friendly Rules - DB Gold (e9113ead)

The tree hides units is awesome and is doing my head in.

@kapshul You last turn was skipped. I’ll wait for you to respond when you return.

@Valamas I was back

Heads up: I’ll be on vacation next week. I’ll still try to get my turns in once a day, but can’t make any promises…

Reminder, declare war on the turn you meet.

I seem to have run into a bug where the game crashes while loading the save file, giving the following error message

I have tried reverting the turn, verifying game files and updating drivers to resolve, but cant seem to get past it. its only affecting this game as well, I have taken other turns successfully.
Not sure if anyone has any ideas or have seen this before, otherwise I seem to be stuck

try: empty game profile?

try: send a 3rd party player the save and they play it (if it loads)… to pass the “glitch”. AT-Ramiro has been a great help previously.

@Khiliani any luck on your turn with the suggested fix attempts?

You can send the turn to me and I will try to play it as blindly.

the file should be up in the discord, I don’t think there is much you could do, I’m pretty overrun anyway

EDIT - The save game is on the Ci6 Cloud discord in the bugs channel if you would like to try and load it.

ok, so I tried the turn and have the same error message. Tried many different things.

Reverting the turn has been tried. We could try reverting a whole round. I am up for any new ideas.

yeah, only thing I can really think of is rolling back a whole round and see if that resets something

@Khiliani I am going to revert a whole round back to you. :crossed_fingers:

well I could take that turn at least. Fingers crossed for the next one

And we are off again, able to take the turn no worries

so the bug is back, @Valamas can you please roll it back to my previous turn again please

we will try this again before figuring out how to bypass this problem.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ~ Einstein (disputable)

Edit: I have posted a feature request
Gamemaster tool to have AI take one turn

so the bug is back again. I realise this must be annoying for everyone, so I am happy to drop out and be replaced by another player if that would help bypass the problem

so sorry you are having this problem. I do not have any other ideas other than to kick you.

yeah, seems that way. I would recommend swapping me with someone else if possible. my situation isn’t great, but I would make it a lot harder for someone to take my last cities than the AI

I have edited the pydt settings and temporarily set a turn timer. Lets have the AI take your turn.

We have already tried loading your save and it also errors. So anyone stepping would have the same problem.