Valamas' game! 28/JUNE (Australia and New Zealand) (597f9bde)

Smack talk goes here for Valamas’ game! 28/JUNE (Australia and New Zealand)! Game URL:

Obviously we all want you to PYDT!
So please only join if you are dedicated to playing at least once a day.
Being in the Oceanic region helps with this.

Looking for reliable players and will keep in contact with those that do.

Now… who wants to play Civ!?

Good luck!

Thanks for good game, I’ll surrender now as I feel the my defeat is coming and I have not so much time to play nowdays so you’ll get faster turns without me.

May the best player win :slight_smile:

I surrender too. My start was horrendous. Even more considering I took the position even though I was the game master.

GG - Nlla would trounce my pathetic colony.