Unknown (c2c32f92)

Smack talk goes here for Unknown! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/c2c32f92-b931-4cde-bf2e-9b0fc36f292d

Getting a bit spicy with your unit locations there @OtherRealisms

Doing my best and having a lot of fun fighting Georgia (OtherRealisms), but realistically, this is a losing battle.

Would appreciate any help from civilizations to the north of Georgia. Otherwise, you’re all going to have a hard time after I’ve been eaten up.

We Sumerians support your Arabian struggle against the aggressive expansion of Georgia.
And we categorically condemn the militaristic views of OtherRealisms and the shameless policy of expansion at the expense of peaceful powers.
But, unfortunately, we can’t help because we are very far away :frowning:


@Bartlex , you now have an AI because the player has quit civ 6

We are lost the last player, not only in the course but also in points

@BjornJarvis will join soon :wink:

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I guess I will wait taking my turn until the new player is added.

Hi everybody,
greetz to the new and the old faces :slight_smile:


“Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant” :smiley:

Hurry up and finish me off please.

Beanz, thanks for game.

OtherRealisms get back to yourself in a good way before you get your ass kicked.

I was just peacefully exploring and this settler from the failing state of Khmer asked to defect. He’s a refugee, how could I refuse?

ОК, peacefully exploring, I do not forbid you to do this, but do not interfere in our conflict with the Khmer

@Bambus_bjoern thanks for fighting - you are a good gladiator!