Two turn timer features

Is it possible to make the turn timer support finishing turns by a specific time of the day? For example if 4 players in the same time zone are in a game they can agree than player 1 finishes by 12pm, player 2 by 4pm, player 3 by 8 pm, and player 4 by 12am. This way is much better for keeping the pace while giving everyone a comfortable play time. But we could have both options available if some people prefer the current way.

Also, is it possible to create an AI mod that does nothing, ideally just pressing shift-enter for the player? It’s better than having the AI move your units the wrong way, settle the wrong place, hire Amani, etc.

Can you explain more what you want for the first option? every player has their own time to get turns completed by?

It might be possible for someone to write a civ 6 mod that would handle skips better, but I personally don’t have enough knowledge or time to get into that one. Maybe someone else could take it, though…

Yes, the idea is that the game creator can set a time of the day for each player and the turn needs to be completed by then. This creates a very nice pace where you know that no matter what the turn will get to you by 12pm for example, and you’ll need to play before 4pm. It allows a group of 4-5 players to do a reliable daily turn whereas with the current timer you need to say at least 8-12 hours because it can reach you just as you’ve gone to bed. Usually people have particular time they can play - like after work but not in the morning or during the day - and the idea of this system is that you schedule the day as is convenient for everyone.

in most games we solve this problem by organising the turn order around peoples schedules

But do you use turn timers? If yes the method I suggested is much better for keeping a daily pace especially for people who can play only during certain times of the day.

Mrosack, is this something you’d be interested in adding and would you like me to spec the details to save you the time?

You can write up more ideas here if you’d like, I don’t know where it’d be on my priority list, though.