Twenty-Four Hours and Two Meals Away From Barbarism. (6c1ae3f6)

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Hi all,

for a good and effectively organsation, here my favorite turn times.

GMT: 07-08 / 19-20
Discord User: bambusbjoern#0058

Playing times (UTC) 05:00-17:00, often also 18:00-20:00

my best turn hours are 20:00-23:00 UTC and 08:00-14:00 UTC

Why you didn’t aks for playing times and sorted players before starting?

Could make the difference if we’re playing 2 turns or 6 turns each week…

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Please look for a sub for space.cow8oy, thanks!

(He ghosted on all of his games)

I got the error: Incorrect player turn in save file! This probably means it is still your turn and you have some more moves to make! I made the Congress turn, save it and after uploading I gor the message :frowning:

Trippa still playing? Looks like he missed his last 6 turns :frowning:

I am getting BambusBjoern’s turn.

I reverted the turn. Hope that fixes it. :crossed_fingers:

looks good, I can upload my turn.

I will be out of town starting tomorrow and going until January 18th. Can we pause the turn timer?

Sure, I’ve turned it off.


GG guys!