Trewqh's 7th game! (fe0b0e96)

Smack talk goes here for trewqh’s 7th game!! Game URL:

Yes! I need more Old World in my life.

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@maijar How could you massacre my poor lost farmers roaming through the land in search of their beloved motherland?! This cannot be forgiven!!! :wink:

The humble Persians are peace loving, but foreign spies disguised as militia are advised to stay well clear. Caravans of gifts are always well received.

Acta est fabŭla (?)

Reverted a turn. problem with save file

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Np. Replayed my turn and going to bed now, so I hope it’s fine this time.

Actually, I think it was my fault - a new update is out. I needed to restart game to update to match the save versions

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How could I not? :man_shrugging:

#trewqh. Say straight. How many turns are left until +3 points?

around 5-6 turns

so the chance is not yet 0%, but at least 0.1% :slight_smile:

Especially if I lose a city? :slight_smile:
Btw, I’ll be offline for the next c. 48h

Quando cadet Roma, cadet mundus.

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I think that’s the idea in some sense :wink:

Also, I will have 45 points next turn.
Who’s up for a 1on1 game on a Duel map?