Trewqh's 2nd game! (c8a0c4c2)

Smack talk goes here for trewqh’s 2nd game!! Game URL:

Senha? Password?

Hi, I didn’t set any password for this game. Are you having trouble with the save file?

@maijar Let’s get this party started! :bow_and_arrow: (for some reason I thought it was a scout, not a slinger you had there hanging out :man_shrugging: )

Yes, couldn’t resist the opportunity! - Slinger was behind the scout, perhaps out of view

@trewqh I am having trouble loading the save - have rolled back a turn

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Same here.

I think it’s maijar’s turn now. He rolled back, I replayed my turn and now it’s him. Let’s see if it works for him after the rollback.

Thanks for the game guys. Unbelievable fight put up by Trewqh - they just kept coming!

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Good game everyone - still so much to learn about it. Quite a snowball towards victory at the end, well played!

Enjoyed this one very much! Thanks!
I was amazed how fast maijar grabbed cities in the early game (that super early Palton cavalry, how?!?!). I was hoping I could catch him off guard, when you two were fighting, but I only managed to get one city for a while and then the counter-attack overwhelmed my forces. I decided to hold out as long as I could, but I knew I couldn’t win. :slight_smile: