Tie Breaker (2a0ffcb6)

Smack talk goes here for Tie Breaker! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/2a0ffcb6-a09b-44e5-9d22-531fcbc33485

Hello! I’m ready to play if you give me the password.

The password is goodgame

I’ll go random too…

Hmm … I think I’m late …

Aleks0811, it is a 1v1 game between myself and Kennedy992.

Pretty decent starting position. Rome vs Korea… should be interesting. :slight_smile:

Glad you got a good starting position. Mine looks pretty good just from what I can see. I have a nice spot science building.

I feel like this is going to get interesting very soon. :slight_smile:

Hmm, does that mean you are going to attack me?

Hah… if I do, you should have some warning. It’ll be a formal war. I don’t need the weariness of a drawn out surprise war.

Unless you have some Giant Death Robots hiding somewhere, I think we might be close to the end. :slight_smile: I was pretty worried after my first disaster attempt on you. Good game!

What do you think of best three out of five? Or is it time for a break?


No Giant Death Robots. Not Civ V :slight_smile: I don’t like to quit because I don’t want to take away your pleasure of killing me off, but if you want to retire my civ I will. We both know the outcome.

I would classify this game as a series of mistakes. My first mistake nearly cost me the game at turn 40. I had an excellent site for my second city so I chopped out a settler and settled my second city site. My second city rush buy a builder which I used to begin chopping my campus. Before I finished my campus, Kongo shows up on my doorstep with 3 warriors. They also killed two of my scouting slingers on one turn. I rush buy an archer in my second city, but then I lost my second city, and I have no units in the game except for one wandering warrior. I rush buy an archer from my capital, then hard build another archer from my capital. I kill the Kongo warriors and recapture my city, but takes about 20 turns to do so. I lost so much time and production. Then I had to rebuild my campus starting all over from nothing. I thought I was going to lose the game by around turn 50. If this had been a single player game I probably would have quit and started over.

When you attacked me the first time I was caught completely off-guard. I don’t know how you sneaked the units to my south undetected, but you did a great job. I can’t believe you asked for peace when you did. You had free reign to all my cities with your powerful units. That was a mistake on your part asking for peace. I really believe you could have ended the game about 100 turns sooner then it is going to end.

The next time you attacked me you made a big mistake. I had eyes on your navy the entire time with my spy in your city, plus I could move my battleship out 3 turns, see your navy, and retreat safely to my capital. I had 4 battleships positioned to the north of your eyesight, but within striking range. You never saw these ships because if you had, you would not have attacked me the way you did. This allowed me to sink two of your ships on the first turn you attacked me, then I was able to kill your entire landing force. I was sure I was going to win the game after that.

Then I made my big mistake. I didn’t build up a big force and allowed you to kill off all my ships one-by-one. This is a mistake I have made in other games. Once you picked off my ships one-by-one, it was all over after that because I could not stop your next attack. Get the wonder that gives you a free ship when you build one was pure genius.

My biggest problem this game was lack of production. I didn’t have enough industrial zones or production. I was going mostly science and commercial hub. No way could I keep up with you building as many units as you did.

One thing I can’t figure out, how did you get your science so high early on? You didn’t have a lot of libraries or universities because you weren’t getting great scientists, but you were doing great on science. You were doing better than me for a while at the beginning of the game. Very impressive.

Yes, I’m up for another one. I like 1v1 games. You can start this one since I started the last one.