The Storm Still Gathers (52dab587)

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Looks like we have Poland vs Brazil… could be fun. I’ve never played Pedro before, but I do like a nice street party!

I’ve checked your start too, and it seems acceptable. Good luck!

I have played 2 games as Poland. The first game stopped on turn 267 because the host quit. I won my second game as Poland with religion. Maybe I will do it again!

I’m pretty excited about this land map, and not struggling over naval supremacy for once, but should we still ban Venetian Arsenal? I’d also like a to propose a no-nukes policy, if it gets that far. :slight_smile:

Obviously, I’m not going to get into a big thing about defending City States in this one… so many of them, taking up so much valuable real estate!

I agree to no Venetian Arsenal and no nukes. It’s in my benefit since you are so far ahead and getting more ahead every turn.

I did get some pretty nice spots for campuses and holy sites, it is true. Brazil is pretty good actually.

I didn’t get very good land, which is why I had to take over a couple of my neighbors. My aggressive expansion is about to come to an end though.

Well, you still have the Turks and Zulus to roll through.I’m going to keep it pretty peaceful, if that’s okay, since you have twice the military right now…

So I’ve managed to escape the hell on earth that you’ve created for our planet, and established a Colony of Freedom from your Tyranny… or I won a science victory, which is a first for me in any Civ game from Civ2 and on. I did “Just one more turn” and sent it on to you in case you wanted to fight it out for the remains. I think I stand a good solid 5% chance of beating you. :slight_smile:

The stats are interesting, and I hope you can check them out. You were a Faith and Gold monster, and the only thing I beat you on was buildings built and Era score.

I think if you’d gone after me maybe three turns earlier we would’ve had a different result. but who knows… I’d started building eight GDR about 15 turns earlier and left them at one turn to completion to be activated on the Mars Landing, when I expected you to then attack. Then I waited and burned through all my uranium.

I was actually going to say after this game that I was super busy coming up, and would be taking a bit of a break, but then my gallery was closed by pandemic panic, and I seem to have a lot of time on my hands. Another? I think it’s your turn, if you’re into it.


Yes I’m up for another game. These are my favorite games. We played this game in 2 1/2 months, which is better than 2 years which some of the games I’m in take. Unfortunately the pandemic keeps me very busy. I work between 12-13 hours a day M-F and about 5-6 hours on the weekend. I will start us a game when I get us a free moment, may not be until this weekend.

I can’t check out the stats, only the victor can. I played one more turn and sent it back to you. I will surrender.

There is no way I can beat you even if we played it out. I can’t do anything to your GDR. For some reason your GDR are much stronger than mine. You have +10 armor plating that I don’t have. When I match up my GDR to your GDR, I’m about 100 strength and you are close to 145 strength. Also, your GDR have strong anti-air so my 15 bombers can’t do anything to them. I wonder if I had attacked around turn 150 or so if I would have won then. Your army was far away on the western side of your empire killing the other civs and my army could probably have captured at least one or two of your cities. I had a much stronger army than you around turn 150. But my faith was so high I figured I could go for a religious victory but your apostles were so much stronger than mine. I’m convinced a religious victory just isn’t possible. I’m in another game where I produce about 600 faith per turn and my two enemies produce about 50 faith per turn. I have almost turned one of the civs to my religion, but the other civ has a few strong apostles and some gurus and he just slaughters my apostles.

Anyway, good game. Looking forward to the next one.