The Real Game (3d176c47)

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This might be a more even game if the Hungary nerf had taken effect, but I’m still paying nothing in gold or resources to upgrade cs troops. As it is, I’m a monster.

I’d still like to play it out, if that’s okay though. :slight_smile:

If we do another, what do you think of having no AI civs? It just seems to add to the snowballing effect where one of us has opportunities to get free cities while the other doesn’t.

It could be on a decent sized continent map. We’d just be going sim ciy for a while.

Well, that’s Dido’s capital gone. I think the only credit I can take for victory was that I chose to make two scouts right off, so I got that first envoy for every cs on my continent, then took Amani as governor, and hopped her around after levying troops. the rest was overpowered game mechanics. I wonder if there would’ve been a difference with the change in Hungary after the update…

What do you think of a human only 1 vs 1? If so, I only ask not to play Russia… I/ve had nothing but misfortune with them. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I’ve had enough…

You surrendered, I win! :smile: