The Myth of Progress (36f168f1)

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It seems to me that Mesias-G and Showtime are playing together and coordinating play outside of the game. I don’t think that is fair play and thus I’m leaving this game and will avoid your games in the future. Hope I’ll see the rest of you in other games :slight_smile:

You don’t need to avoid my games since you’re no longer allowed in them. Goodbye.

In all games are alliances and coodination unless is forbid… in some games I change alliances around 10 times…

It seems that I made a mistake and there was nothing special about events in this game, I just mixed up players in different games and thought there was some coordination going on between games. Apologies to @Mesias-G and Showtime.

However, I was pretty much done here and I don’t think I would have survived much longer, so I hope the surrendering is OK here.

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do we follow pydt club rules in this game? :slight_smile:

No, this game was anterior.

@petrojbl1 operation dunkirk lol

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Hi! Are you on vacation?


I got 20/20 diplomatic victory points 3 turns ago, but victory screen does not trigger. Game must be bugged.


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GG bro

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Don’t think the game tells you when someone wins a culture victory either.

Anyway, GG.

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GG all.