Terra - Speed: Quick (406488aa)

Smack talk goes here for Terra - Speed: Quick! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/406488aa-d73d-4264-839c-1cc2d50cf719

Come to PYDT talks to start the bans.

@Volks I only miss your leader choice.

Everything is on Discord.

You have the choice between:
-Eleanor of Aquitaine (English)
-Frederick Barbarossa
-Matthias Corvinus

I was ready to start the game this GMT morning but I need your choice first;

Matthias Corvinus

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This game has been reset by the admin.

Erm, so, important topic.

  • I had forgotten the game rules disabled Surprise Wars. So, reminder for everyone who most likely forgot just like I did! Gotta denounce.
    -However, it is possible to just ignore the diplomacy screen and attack an enemy unit, which asks for confirmation to declare war. You don’t even get grievances that way… It’s obviously an exploit, so I’ll cancel the turn where I tried that and I’ll do it cleanly. I’m pointing that out in case you get a war declared on you this way (and notice your opponent has not caused Grievances), you might want to ask for a revert!

So, well, yeah, this is annoying. I had planned this war for a long while, but now I have to wait 5 turns. :confused:



I made an mistake and did an surprise war before 4-5 of my turns. I forgot these rules. I spoke totday with Marlow and for he and me its ok how it is. But I have to communicate my misstake. I hope its for a all OK when we don´t revert. Sry Guys.

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The option is bugged. You can’t declare a surprise war but you can walk to the ennemi territory and declare a surprise war :frowning:

If it is ok for both you there is no problem.

As I can see, there is at least 3 wars. That’s a Terra map destiny.

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