Teamed North vs South across the Rift (ae7325e6)

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so is the idea that teams a randomised by who spawned on which side of the rift?

correct. so not teamed in Civ settings as no one knows.
It also enables not all team members to be at war automatically

Everyone please choose a civ-leader to add to the random pool.
No duplicate entries.
Keep in mind religion is banned.


China-Kublai Khan

Harold norway

Cyrus - Persia

Kristina, Sweden.

John Curtin, Australia

Japan, Hojo

Hammurabi, Babylon

Rolling for game: Teamed North vs South across the Rift
Players: Valamas - khiliani - matt_lambert - andrewsmart48 - Buno - petrojbl - Maximilian - Yog Sothoth
Rolling for: GREECE PERICLES - China Kublai Khan - Harold norway - Cyrus Persia - Kristina  Sweden - John Curtin Australia - Japan Hojo - Hammurabi Babylon

pydt roll !8d8

@Valamas, You rolled 5, 2, 3, 8, 7, 1, 6, 4


Played it as it laid.
Game On!

I will wait until about turn 10 to pin where the equator is. Give everyone, including myself, a chance to run around and wonder which side we are on. Snow = obvious.

I’m back! :smiley:

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how do i ge the better multiplayer mod got the rest

The mod is here:

If you are still having problems, please find me in the discord link.

not sure what is stopping me load now

I will revert the turn back to Matt (sorry, you have to do your same turn again).
When it comes back to you Andrew, it should be fixed. Don’t ask me how or why, it just does. LOL

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no problem