Tdmeng12's game! (ed7cbdc3)

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Sandy Cheeks Concave Mengiac: I’m sorry, but I screwed up again. I asked for friendship twice. I will accept whatever remedy you deem appropriate. I will resign the game. Or destroy half of my military units. Or we can revert the game.

The issue that I see is the following: When I was at war with Dutch it took me 4-7 turns longer to kill them because I had to send units to my Aztec border in case Mengiac declared on me.

Because that is an impossibility for OtherRealisms for the next 19 turns, he can now send every single unit at me and ignore Aztec. Reverting would only be a turn or two right since it just happened? I think that is the only sound option. He shouldn’t have to resign because then its a 1v1 and that is boring.