Switchitup (c2048a50)

Smack talk goes here for Switchitup! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/c2048a50-3326-4657-b524-ba311537577e

Game has started. Sumeria vs. Poland. Early War-Carts vs. mid-game Winged Hussars.

Agree to no Religious Settlements, Venetian Arsenal, and nukes?

What about sneak attack vs. must denounce?

Sneak attack is more in my toolkit than yours, but sure… let’s be civilized again. Declared wars only.

Just finished a Civilized Civilization. Took another 15 turns to capture all the capitals. You were a warmonger this game! You had just as many combats as me, and you started around turn 55 it looks like. You also declared more wars than me.

Time to focus on my war-carts.

Well, that’s it for Poland…

I think I didn’t have much of a chance from turn 30 on, but it was still fun. I don’t think I’ll try for a Religious victory on a 10 player map again tho. Way to much of a grind getting those religios everywhere, and war can turn it pretty quick.

Nicely played tho… you really kept the expansion going right from the start!

Good game.

I kept the pressure up with the war-carts. This forced the other civilizations to focus on military instead of expanding and settling cities. There is still so much unclaimed land left. Even this turn I popped another barb hut and got a free recon unit (ranger) out of it. There are still goody huts.

Getting a religious victory is so hard. If the other civs got a religions and can make inquisitors, it’s nearly impossible to spread your religion.