Submit file button doesn't work

In ver. 2.0 sometimes (may be after some time after client launch) ‘Submit file’ button stops working.

Interesting, can you provide a screenshot? If you go to debug/toggle developer tools and look in the console can you see any errors?

I don’t think what screenshot can help here.
Just there is no reaction to Submit file button pressing.
It’s just normal state when new save file is detected after turn.
I’ll check debug consile next time.

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue.
But actually sometimes just window with upload progress not shown.
No errors in debug console.

Yeah, I’ve started to see this happen sometimes too - it seems like it’s actually back on the home game list but it doesn’t redraw the UI. If you click on “debug” or something in the menu that seems to trigger a refresh. Trying to figure out why…

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@kapshul - are you still seeing this? i haven’t noticed it in a while, but i haven’t changed any code so i’m not sure why it would be fixed.

I’m encountering it sometimes, but walkaround works well.