Straw's Rise and Fall game (fff20d45)

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Osaatko suomea hyvin @Sergeyyoud? Not sure if I should stick to english :laughing:

Olen vain üksi semesteri opiskelenut. So lets stick to English :slight_smile:

Knock, knock, Timo_man
“Hey, have you heard of Toga parties?”

Oh, a surprise war. You lacked the courage to declare a proper formal war?

Yes I heard about Toga party from some lone missionary, not sure what he meant but they were his last words…

Since you lack the wisdom to make walls in your capital against strongly militaristic neighbor, only fool would pass this kind of opportunity.

Now that you let the devil in we’ll see who has the last word…

Yes, maybe I should had built walls sooner had I known that my neighbour was such a warmonger. Let this be a lesson to the rest of the civilizations out there, beware of Rome!


“Oppirahat tuli maksettua”, I will know better to build walls next time :joy:

I even had 2 settlers who escaped and were ready to colonize northeastern lands, but I guess I should had used them before I lost my last city. Wouldn’t had changed a thing though, I’ll admit my defeat!

I guess it’s between Rome and Japan then, good luck!

GG, @timo_man.

War’s part of the game and it messes you up, if you’re not prepared. Yeah, I’m surprised you didn’t settle already since I saw your settler earlier. Moving to safe distance would have discouraged me from chasing, but I guess you would have drop behind on everything eventually. Still, you endured and gave me a long run for that money :smile:

Good luck on next games

“The world is Rome and Rome is the world”

All Capitals have fallen. I was worried starting this game dead middle on the map, so early conquest seemed very viable option. That snowball just kept going after that. It was fun seeing you two warring it out one point :smile:

Thanks everyone for playing. Unfortunately I’m not making new games any time soon, being busy enough irl and also cutting down other games. Anyway, good luck with next games

good game everyone. Was fun until I saw the first Tank of Rome coming for my Cavalry :slight_smile:

Yep, GG. Should have allied a lot sooner but I doubt we would have any change even if we did :smiley: Well played @SurgicalStraw9! :slight_smile: