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Just wondering if there will be a version of the client that will be compatible with the new steam deck? I haven’t gotten one yet but hopefully later this year. Playing civ on the go has been a longtime dream

I don’t know if I’ll make a steam deck specific client, but I think it runs linux so the linux client might just work?


So I’ve got a steam deck and I managed to get PYDT working.

It’s about clunky but using the Linux version and the steam deck in desktop mode it can be made to work.

Not great for taking multiple turns at once, but one at a time works just fine.


This is great news. I’m starting a new career in long distance trucking later this year so being able to play turns on the go will be awesome

Nice, I should be getting mine this week too so I’ll give it a shot, maybe there’s some tweaks we could make to have it work better.

OK, apparently I’m not the hacker I used to be, where the heck are save files on the steam deck? I’m guessing since it’s using proton it’s loading the windows version of civ instead of the linux version and it’s not finding the files that the client puts out there, but I can’t find the folder it’s actually using. :slight_smile:

home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steam apps/compatdata/289070/pfx/drive_c/users/steam user/documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s…/Saves/Hotseat

*Your number might be different, I searched *.civ6save using Kfind to find the location of my save.

It’s weird because your using the Linux PYDT but windows civ 6 inside of proton

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Couple of things to note about my experience with this.

STeam deck installed the windows version by default of civ 6 so you have to use a modified save file location as posted above. or i guess try to use this with proton.

If i add the linux version of pydt to steam as a non steam game nothing occurs on launch. I can launch it in the desktop mode and itll copy the save correctly. but you gotta leave to use the game in big picture mode.

Tonight I am gonna try launching the game in desktop mode and maybe thatlly work. I have generally disliked the mouse emulated controls that are used when steam is running in desktop mode and i see misclicks being common in civ.

If anyone has any insight into running pydt in the normal big picture mode otherwise I guess I will report back with my findings and maybe this will impact someones purchase decision.


Quick write-up of my experience over the last few days:

  • Switch to Desktop Mode (long-press the power button), install Firefox, download PYDT as you would on any desktop PC.
  • Make sure you install the Linux version of PYDT, not Windows
  • When PYDT is downloaded, right-click, go into Properties > Permissions, and check “Is executable”. This will allow you to launch PYDT.
  • THIS IS NO LONGER NECESSARY AS OF v2.1.0 Modify the save location as noted. 289070 is the prefix for Civ6, and this is consistent for everybody
    • home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steam apps/compatdata/289070/pfx/drive_c/users/steam user/documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Saves/Hotseat
    • If you’re having trouble finding /.local/, right click and enable hidden files/folders.
  • The game will launch in Desktop mode. This has slightly different controls, and is significantly slower than in Gaming mode. Right now I don’t know of any way around this.
  • When you save the game, PYDT should pop up automatically. Submit your file immediately when this happens, or else you will have to quit the game, submit, and reopen it for the next. If anyone knows how to actually bind Alt-Tab, LMK. There seems to be a bug in the Chord/Big Picture binding app where it just doesn’t work at all for the Deck controller.

Seems like an easy fix in the PYDT client to me. I don’t own and won’t have the money for a steam deck myself. Maybe I can install an image to my PC :thinking:. Either way, steam runs on it’s own arch based OS called steamOS. On first launch the client could reasonably find the OS version and if it is steamOS it uses what it would need to for the steam deck. Otherwise work as normal

I think this might be a bit better with v2.1.0 of the client, it should detect those proton paths on linux for you.

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Hey all, curious if you’ve made any new discoveries on this front? I’ve been able to get this working in Desktop Mode but am hoping to be able to do it more elegantly somehow, like with Lutris or even within the normal gaming mode, but I’m not very skilled with any of this stuff.

without a bluetooth keyboard steam deck is extremely clunky on desktop mode. Also very clunky, you have to run the game in windowed mode from desktop mode. So I just gave up doing pydt on the deck for now. Maybe future versions of steamOS will be better optimised for such things

Following those instructions, the client started properly in gaming mode: Reddit - Dive into anything

Haven’t tested all lot, however.
Edit: and having issues regarding the server connection :confused:

2nd Edit: it works fine in gaming mode as long as it is not my turn. When it’s my turn, the app fails to load properly, profile images of players are missing, app does bot respond. Maybe it’s the tray that doesn’t work in gaming mode. Is there a way to turn it off?

OK, not sure what I changed but it’s working now in gaming mode.
Potential reasons: last OS update, 2nd game in PYDT

Workflow: start PYDT, download save file, go to library using the steam button, start civ, load hot seat, play turn, save, switch to PYDT using the steam button, upload save file