Starting human to human game online

Sorry for my ignorance, though I just cannot find any guidance on getting this process setup from start to finish.
I found a post on reddit saying that i should set up a hotseat game and then take my turn and then the PYDT client will automatically detect when I save my game and exit and upload that file to my online game on PYDT. So I did that, sent the other person I want to play with all the game info, they were able to “join” the game on the website, downloaded the client, etc, but do not see if and how they receive the game file and repeat the process back to me. No errors, just not sure how to proceed. Can anyone point to start to finish instructions for this?

This is the URL of my game:

I read similar posts in the forum, but did not find a solution.


You need to start the game on the website, and follow the instructions there to play your first turn. The first turn can’t be played through the client.