So Many that are Passworded

It is so hard to get into more new games here… Everyone passwords their games. :frowning:

I did start my own already (I know someone will say to do that lol)… but i like to get many more games going.

Guess there isn’t a question here… just a statement. Wish there were more open games

I agree that there do seem to be a lot of closed games. Once I’m happy with the first couple I’ve started I’ll make a couple more open games as well. :smiley:

I can’t speak for others but we have a community in another site where we organize our games because there is more to setting a game then just opening one up. How many players? Which DLCs or expansion allowed? time zones of players? (very important for turn pace) Method of leader/civ pick? bans?. You can check out our community at If you want to create a game, make a thread in Civ General Discussion section and see who are interested. Maybe others can post where they organize their games?