Snowflake map FFA (7b869973)

Smack talk goes here for Snowflake map FFA! Game URL:

GONDOR CALLS FOR AIDScreen Shot 03-12-22 at 09.19 AM

:smiley: :rofl:

ffs this is just ridiculous

i will try to help but will take ages and i am hemmed in too. luck for me no horses

gotta nip em in the bud before they get so out of control … horse archers! yikes!

I already took out an encampment and then another (this one) spawned 1 turn later and 1 tile closer to my capital

Brutal man!

yeah, i’ve got the same … fortunately no horse archers though (yet)

Same here… with horse archers :anguished:

Just about cleared out the barbs now but I fear this insane barb invasion has already made me irrelevant to this game, still haven’t even gotten a settler out yet :pensive:

time will tell … everyone starts with the same geography, so everyone should be dealing with roughly equivalent barb onslaughts early on

I would not be too concerned about getting irrelevant in the game yet. Barbarians are hindering everyone’s game from the start. Take the positives, now you have gained experience for your troops :wink:

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yeah i am under the cosh badly

is @addyc on vacation? anyone heard anything? it’s been his turn for over 5 days.

I hope he’s on vacation … steam says he hasn’t been logged in since 4/10

Sorry guys, slow turns here, Easter holidays approaching.

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hey my dude, just glad you’re ok!

We appreciate Zulu’s request for friendship, but we must decline for now. A nation that is effective rushing cities into the middle of the map and blocking now access for Greek, England and Canada, don’t seem that friendly at the moment.

Canada admires the boldness of the Zulu, but cannot let one nation alone control the rich resources of the center land. Let all more considered nations join together to ensure equity of center land settlement!!!

for any interested, I’ve got two spots open in another snowflake map ffa: