Small Waterworld (28cfa83d)

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Hi there,

My PC died on me the other day, and I am not sure when I will get it back. Feel free to kick me if you need to go on with the game, otherwise I will continue playing as soon as I get it back.

I’m on a business trip from today on till the next week and I need a bit longer then usual to play my turn. Sorry - but I have my gaming laptop with me :wink:

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Sorry to interrupt this game, but I’m on vacation from tomorrow on till sunday.

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Good game nlla. You expanded without building a military and would have become a powerhouse in the near future. Don’t worry, Aleks0811 will avenge you soon.

Yup, focused too much on expanding and didn’t prepare to defend at all. Good luck for the rest of the game and keep good care of my people :smiley:

Great game everybody. How did it end? I assume Aleks captured Norway’s capital?

Norway did not wait for the end of the world and the taking of its capital, recognizing the victory of England. The British military advantage is too great …