Small Island Sea (3c2f94b0)

Smack talk goes here for Small Island Sea! Game URL:

The game has launched. Glad it filled up quickly. Looks like we have 6 people that are active players. That’s good.

Has anybody seen ibntumart? He has had the game for almost a week now.

Nope :frowning:

Turntimer would be great…

Ah - he is on holiday:

Thanks BobReman. Glad to know he is still around, just on vacation. He should have posted in every game he is in so he doesn’t get booted.

My PC died on me the other day, and I am not sure when I will get it back. Feel free to kick me if you need to go on with the game, otherwise I will continue playing as soon as I get it back. Sorry for this.

I’m on a business trip from today on till the next week and I need a bit longer then usual to play my turn. Sorry - but I have my gaming laptop with me :wink:

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Thanks BobReman. Have a good trip.

Sorry to interrupt this game, but I’m on vacation from tomorrow on till sunday.

(game: small)

No worries. Enjoy the vacation.